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Managing Real Estate Rehabs

House Flipping Spreadsheet

Real Estate Rehab software

I recently started using House Flipping Spreadsheet.  This software provides the ability to manage a real estate rehab (renovation) project, and includes:

  • Rehab Analyzer –  comprehensive look at the buying, holding, selling and repairs costs to calculate the Maximum Purchase Price that will maximize profits and minimize risks.
  • Rehab Cost Estimator – database of 300+ work items you can create a detailed and accurate estimate of repairs in a matter of minutes for your next rehab property.
  • Wholesale Calculator – determines maximum allowable offer for a wholesale property, that will ensure your rehab buyers’ a profit & you earn an assignment fee.
  • Rental Calculator – analyzes the potential cash flow of a property over a 30-year period if you decide to buy-and-hold.
  • Deal Financial Reports, including:  Repair Estimate Report, Maximum Purchase Price Report, Investment Report, and Homeowner Offer Report
  • Lender Presentation Reports, including a Funding Sheet and a Funding Packet.
  • Alternative Strategy Reports
  • Project Manager Tools – Project Scheduler, Contact Report, and Task Manager
  • Powerful Accounting Tools – Repairs Budgeter, Project Budgeter, Expense Tracker, Repair Forecaster, Project Forecaster
  • Budget Reports – Repair Cost Budget Report, Repair Cost Budget vs Estimate Report, Project Budget Report, Project Report vs Estimate Report
  • Expense Reports, Forecasting & Final Reports, plus Vendor Reports

I am using this software to manage my rehab efforts.  The software (based on Excel) allows me to properly forecast my costs, develop concise reports for funding, determine material requirements, plan and track my schedule, and come in on or under budget.  I saved 10x the software cost (starts at $97) on the first project I managed!

You can get more info at:  http://EntrepreneursReport.com/hfs

I am Curtis, an entrepreneur and daredevil with no fear and a heart as vast as the opportunities I seize. As a Senior Partner in a real estate investment firm, I thrive on the thrill of property acquisitions, rentals, optimization, and sales.My network is my secret weapon - financial institutions, hedge funds, wholesalers, and bulk sellers are just some of the allies I leverage to secure properties at prices that others can only dream of. What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to protecting investor funds as if they were my own - because in my world, trust is the cornerstone of every deal.With a keen eye for lucrative investments and a bold approach to seizing opportunities, I am not just another player in the real estate game - I am the game-changer. Join me on this exhilarating journey towards financial success and let's conquer new horizons together.

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