Social Media Planning

Social Media Planning

Exposure for your business is key to being found and having some credibility online. Your business may have a local, regional, national, or global reach – but exposure is critical. This article is not a definitive guide but a starting point to show you how to get accounts setup and inexpensive methods to make social media marketing easy. Social Media planning is critical in today’s Internet environment.

Great Image Resources

Mandy O’Neill from provided a great resource for images. Neil Patel reported this week that Infographics, animated graphics, screenshots, graphs/charts, and even stock photography works for blog posts. He [...]

Marketing - Entrepreneurs Report

One of the biggest problems those with a new online business have to deal with is how to market themselves. Marketing is incredibly expensive, which is something most [...]

Playing the Name Game in Business

Creating your Brand - Entrepreneurs Report

When it comes to marketing your business, your name means everything. Usually the first contact your potential customers have with your business it is by hearing the name [...]

Tips on Improving Your Buyer’s Experience

US Enterprise in general is losing tons of money each fiscal year to faulty buying processes. Product defections and abandoned purchases are to blame for the nearly $83 [...]

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