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Are You Taking Action – or caught in analysis paralysis?

Do you tell yourself these statements when you want to become a real estate investor – or take any action ( thanks to Jonathan D Rexford):

I gotta find a lawyer
I gotta get my LLC or Corporation
I gotta get an accountant
I gotta get a realtor
I gotta get private money
I gotta know how to Wholesale
I gotta know how to do lease option
I gotta know how to rehab
I gotta know how to do a subject to
I gotta know how to manage Property
I gotta know how to land trust
I gotta get a mailing list
I gotta know how to owner finance
I gotta get me bird dogs
I gotta get a website
I gotta get a Podcast
I gotta be a guru

Your final Gotta will be:

I gotta get going. I am broke!!!!

Are these really just tactics to keep you from taking action?

Are you actually facing fear, procrasination – or both?

For those of you in the above paralysis – recommend you watch this video:

Get out of preparation mode and into action mode. For an initial deal you don’t need to prepare so much!!

Curtis is a Senior Partner in a real estate investment firm that focuses on property acquisitions, rentals, optimization, and sales. Curtis has a network of financial institutions, hedge funds, wholesalers, and bulk sellers that he uses to acquire properties at superior prices. Curtis is more conservative with investor funds than with his own money.

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