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Review – Real Estate Investor Website

Review – Real Estate Investor Website

I recently incorporated Investor Carrot‘s solution for Real Estate Investor websites into my business.  I am very impressed with the solution.  They are run by real estate investors, so they understand what is needed in our business, including:

  • pages for investors & private money
  • lead pages, including submitting your information before seeing available properties
  • search engine optimization
  • working with both buyers and sellers.

Investor Carrot provides targeted solutions.  You can get started with one site and migrate to more – anywhere from 1 site to 8 sites.  The Pro package (which I reviewed) has a main site (credibility), a buyers site, and a sellers site.

With there extensive experience in real estate investing, they know how to construct sites that draw in buyers to provide their contact information and see your available properties, attract sellers who want to sell their property to your company/organization, offer credibility to private money investors, and work with other real estate professionals to grow your business.

They have extensive experience in search engine optimization, and they have a report on 52 SEO search terms that are important to real estate investors.  In addition, their research has shown that a simple lead capture process results in more leads.  The more complex the lead process, the lower your lead volume.

I have seen investors create sites from easy WordPress templates or hosting templates that provide a web presence.  However, it is imperative that your site create leads, new opportunities, and potential investors to properly grow your business!

You can see my finished site at http://www.totalviewhomes.com.


Here is my video review:

You can get your own solution from Investor Carrot at:  http://www.EntrepreneursReport.com/websites


Curtis is a Senior Partner in a real estate investment firm that focuses on property acquisitions, rentals, optimization, and sales. Curtis has a network of financial institutions, hedge funds, wholesalers, and bulk sellers that he uses to acquire properties at superior prices. Curtis is more conservative with investor funds than with his own money.

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